Our Client

    Our ideal client understands what he or she wants to accomplish both from a personal perspective and a business perspective, and is prepared to take action to achieve those goals. Our most successful clients include individuals, business owners, professionals and executives who share many of the following characteristics.


  • Strong family commitment and values.
  • High level of integrity.
  • Respects long-term relationships.
  • Prioritizes family legacy and harmony among members.
  • Clear vision of the future for business and personal life.


  • Well respected by their co-workers and the community.
  • Committed to helping the community through charity or civic organizations.


  • Individual or family who wants to complete or update an integrated financial strategy, estate plan and/or giving plan.
  • Business client who wants to provide innovative benefit planning to hire and retain key executive staff or complete a business exit plan.
  • Respects and utilizes advisors and is open to new ideas.
  • Willing to take the time to plan and is honest about their feelings and concerns.



  • Chained CPI and Your Taxes

    One change made by 2017 tax legislation, a new way of measuring inflation, may have a significant effect on individual taxpayers over the long term.

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